- Leo 'at home' in Brookwood -

I have been agonising for years about buying a narrowboat having lived by a canal for years and having had a relative (Daphane March) who trained the Idle Women who operated working boats during the war allowing the men to join the services. Daphane's own boat was the now famous Heather Belle. I spoke at length to lots of people - one of whom said that I must have an engine room as it was a good place to dry knickers at night. I eventually fell in love with Leo which was built by Mick Wilson of Aquarius Narrowboats on an Orion Narrowboats shell. Ian Burgoyne kindly surveyed the boat before I parted with any money. I collected Leo from the Pelican Pub in Addlestone on Saturday 2nd June 2007 and with the help of my friend Roger Cansdale and my work colleague Jolanta Bezzant (and her family Dave, Matthew and Stephane) brought her back to Brookwood. Thanks are also due to Andy and James (Basingstoke Canal Rangers) who just made the job so much easier. I was completely shattered at the end of the short trip.

Coxes Mill Lock - Wey Navigation Leo negotiating the M25 Heading up the Basingstoke Basingstoke canal - Lock 4
Leo in Coxes Mill Lock the 1st Lock on the way (Wey ?) home - Wey Navigation. Even narrow boats have to negotiate the M25 - Leo under the M25 between J11 (Addlestone) and J10 (A3) - where the Basingstoke, the Wey Navigation, M25 and Waterloo to Exeter railway all 'intersect'. Leo heading in to the unknown up the Basingstoke ! Leo in Lock 4 on the Basingstoke Canal.
Leo outside my house Leo at home Leo - rear view Leo at home
Leo outside my house with Sheets Heath Bridge in the background. Another view of Leo at home. A close up of the rear cabin of Leo - advertising the builders - Aquarius Narrowboat Fitters. A view of Leo from the other side of the canal showing just how close my house is to the Basingstoke Canal.
Leo from the bridge Part of Leo's 'boatmans' cabin The front cabin of Leo The 'Boatman's' cabin
Leo viewed from Sheets Heath Bridge. A general view of the delightful 'boatman's' cabin which Leo is fortunate to have. Some of the detail of the 'boatman's' cabin which Leo is fortunate to have. The front cabin of Leo.

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